Covenant of Love

Through this activity, children will gain an understanding of covenants, while making a keepsake to take home.
by Kristy Thornton 


Covenant, Promises, Rainbow


Colorful yarn, scissors, wedding ring or ring


Approximately 10 minutes



(Hold up a ring or point to your wedding ring.) It is beautiful, but it also holds a lot of meaning and promise. When a couple marries, typically they exchange rings. This ring is the symbol of their covenant. It signifies that the man and woman will love, honor, and respect each other all of the days of their lives.

In the same way, God has made a covenant with the earth. Although He did not give the earth a metal ring, such as this one that I’m holding, He did give the earth a ring: He gave the earth a rainbow as a sign to us that He will never flood the earth again.

Today we are going to tie a colorful piece of yarn around our thumbs like a ring to help us remember God’s covenant of love to us and the earth.

(Tie a piece of yarn loosely around each child's thumb. Make sure it is loose enough so that it can be easily slid off and on.) The rainbow is not the Lord’s only promise to us. For years, God told His people that a Savior would come to them. God delivered His promise when Jesus was born. Similarly, Jesus promised us a gift when He went to Heaven. His promise came true and the Holy Spirit came. God keeps His promises. Each promise is a covenant of His love for us.

When people ask you what is around your thumb, say, “It is a reminder of all God's loving promises, or covenants, to His people.” (Have the children practice saying this to each other several times.)