Creation Blocks

A fun activity to help the kids learn about the seven days of creation. 


Creation, Power of God


Seven empty tissue paper boxes
Plain wrapping paper
Template for Days 1-7 [PDF] Click here


Approximately 10 minutes

 hands holding earth


Before class obtain seven empty cubed-shaped facial tissue paper boxes. Wrap each of the boxes with plain wrapping paper. Print out the seven templates and attach one template to each of the wrapped boxes. When this is complete, you will have seven creation blocks, each with a different day of creation attached.


Have the children sit on the floor in front of you or across the table from you depending on the size of your class. Tell the kids that you have an exciting activity planned for them today. Say, "Today we are going to learn about how God created everything in the heavens and the earth, and He did it all in just seven days!"

Tell the children that you mixed the creation blocks up and that you will need their help to put the blocks back in order. Have the blocks facing the children so that they can see the pictures. Begin telling the creation story and ask the children to listen carefully for key words that will help them put the blocks back in order. Pause as often as necessary and be generous in giving them as much help as needed after reading each portion of the story.

This activity will help the children understand that God is the Creator of all things, understand on a basic level the seven days of creation, and further their basic counting skills.