Classroom Rules

An activity to teach children that the world and their classroom is a much better place because of rules.


Obedience, Responsibility, Sin


Poster board,Different colored markers, Glue,
Clip art or pictures that relate to the rules


Approximately 10 minutes



Before class find pictures or clip art that will relate to the classroom rules. For an example of a finished
project click here


Explain to children that they will help you create the classroom rules. Have the children make suggestions on what they think would make good rules for the classroom. You may want to have paper and a pencil ready to jot down the children's ideas. After all the children have had a chance to voice their opinions, compile a list of the rules you have decided to use on a separate sheet of paper. Share these rules with the children, ask them which ones they think are more important.

Take the poster board and write the rules you have decided to use in your classroom, starting with the ones the children thought were most important. Since most children at this age can't read, have the kids take turns gluing a related picture next to each rule. This will help the children remember the rule even if they can't read.

Knowing that there are rules will help the children feel safe and secure.

Tell the boys and girls that God has a set of rules that people are to follow as well. When people follow God's rules the world is much better place. When we don't follow God's rules, it's called sin.