God will protect us from evil

"I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep." John 10: 11



When we are scared, we should call out to our Heavenly Father.

Defend The Innocent

The children will perform an activity to learn how to defend the innocent.

Full Armor Of God

Children learn about God's protection by putting on the full armor of God.

Objects Of Refuge

The children will identify examples of a refuge to learn about God.

Our Mighty Fortress

The children will create a classroom fortress to learn about God’s protection.

Paul's Friends Help Him Escape

(Coloring Page) Paul's friends help him escape harm by lowering him from the city wall in a basket. (Acts 9:25)

Protective Helpers

The children will act out scenarios to practice being protective helpers.

Put On The Full Armor Of God

(Coloring Activity) Kids color a Roman soldier wearing the different pieces of armor, then match the items to the descriptions found in Ephesians 6:10-17.

Scripture Match-Up

A quick search through the Bible to match up verses about God's peace and protection with their correct scripture reference.

Shadow Art

The children will trace their shadows to learn about God’s protection.

Strong Foundation

God's Word gives us a strong foundation to defeat all foes.

The Lord Is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)

Kids will enjoy memorizing this beautiful and meaningful Psalm with these handy picture cards.

Turn To Refuge

The children will identify examples of a refuge to learn about God.

Verses To Live By

God's Word empowers us to live for Jesus each and every day.

Warning Signs

This activity will compare warning signs the children see everyday with warnings found in the Bible. Warning signs we see help us be safe, but warning signs from God help us in many more ways.

What Purpose Do Gates Serve?

The children will identify multiple purposes of a gate and then discuss why good gates were important to Jerusalem.

Who Hid The Spies?

Children search for letters to decipher the answer to the question, "Who hid the spies?"


Army Of One

We serve a mighty God who is an Army of One. This bulletin boards shows the children how God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit work together as one.

Noah's Ark

God protects Noah and the animals aboard the ark as the rain falls and the waters flood the earth. Great for preschool.

Our Good Shepherd

A pleasant and colorful reminder that Jesus is our Good Shepherd. He watches over us, protects us, and in Him we shall not want. (Psalm 23:1)


God's Armor - Self Portrait

Kids create their own set of Biblical armor.

Jesus Pillow

As children drift off to sleep, they think about Jesus. Then in the morning, they thank Him for a new day.

Promise Hearts

The children will make a craft that helps them understand the role of the Holy Spirit in a believer's life.

Pyramids Of Egypt

Students will create a pyramid snack constructed from graham crackers and icing to remind them of God’s protection of Jesus in Egypt.

Special Angels

A wonderful craft to begin a Sunday School Class. The children have an opportunity to be creative while enjoying the fellowship of their classmates.

Storms Of Life

The children will create a visual aid to help them remember that Jesus can calm the storms in their lives.

The Lord Is My Rock

When finished, this craft will be a reminder that the Lord is our fortress, our deliverer, our shield, and the strength of our salvation.


Egypt Rescue

The children will race to rescue the twelve tribes of Israel from Egypt.

Jordan River Jump

The children will race to rescue the twelve tribes of Israel from Egypt.

Lie In Green Pastures

Teams race to be the first Good Shepherds to make their sheep lie down in green pastures. (Psalm 23:2)

Protect Me

The children will find matches that relate to protection.

Umbrella Race

The children will race to find refuge under an umbrella.


A Reputation Of Courage

Children will learn that God gives them the courage and encouragement they need to remain obedient to Him, even during tough times, worldly pressures, and persecution.

A Reputation Of Faith

Children learn that faith is the key to finding courage


Helpers are willing to protect others from harm.

Daniel - Great Man Of Prayer

After completing this lesson, the children will learn that we should honor God above everything else. God will protect us when we trust and obey Him.

Defeating The Enemy (Gideon)

In this lesson, the children will learn how God enabled an unlikely warrior named Gideon to defeat a large army with only 300 men. Although outnumbered, Gideon knew that with God, all things are possible.


The children will learn how God provided for His people in a special place called Egypt.

Full Armor Of God

This Sunday school lesson teaches the importance of being on guard spiritually and to use all of the resources God gives us.

God Calls Abram

Children will learn how God created an entire nation of people, starting with just the faith and obedience of one man who chose to follow Him.

God Is A Mighty Fortress

In this lesson, the children will learn that God actively protects and guards them from evil.

God Is A Refuge

In this lesson, the children will learn that God is a safe haven for His children.

God Is All Around Me

In this lesson, children learn how God is everywhere. No matter where they are, God is there to protect and guide them.

God Is With Me

In the second lesson covering Psalm 23, the kids will learn that we can feel safe and protected because we have a Good Shepherd to watch over us, to make sure we do not stray and to show us the way.

God Loves Me

In this lesson, the kids will learn how God always knows what we need, and will always be there to provide for us.

God Speaks To Elijah

Children learn that when they do what God asks of them, through obedience, God will watch over them, and take care of all their needs.

Herod, The Opposing Ruler

In this lesson, the children will learn how God protected Jesus even though King Herod worked hard to kill Him. Herod represents those who are against God and Jesus during Christmas.


This lesson will teach children that God is our one, true source of strength and protection.

Jesus Calms The Storm

In this lesson, the children will see how Jesus has authority over all things. Nothing is impossible with Him.

Jesus Protects Us

Through this lesson children will learn that Jesus not only understands our troubles, but also that He will help us get through the difficult times in our lives.

Joseph's Jealous Brothers

A lesson that teachs children that God works for the good of those who love Him.


God’s helpers are willing to stand up for others.

Moses As A Baby

After completing this Sunday school lesson, the children will learn that God protects us and has a plan for each of our lives.

Parting The Red Sea

After completing this Sunday school lesson, the children will see that God is a God of miracles and that His power and might sustains us each day.


In this two part-lesson series, the kids will learn that the Lord God is a mighty fortress for those who draw close to Him.

Rahab Helps The Spies

In this lesson, children will learn about a woman named Rahab. The students will see how Rahab's decision to help God's people saved her life and the life of her family.

Safety From Wrath

Through this lesson, the children will see the magnitude of God’s wrath, also how He provides safety (salvation) for His people.


Children learn that God’s helpers remain faithful, even during difficult times.

The Fall Of Jericho

In this lesson, children will learn that it is foolish to trust in our own strength; rather, we should trust in the Power of God.

The Giant Killer

After completing this lesson, the children will see how God enabled David to be brave in the face of danger.

The Great Escape

In this lesson, the children learn that not only can God change a person’s life, but He is also there to lead the way to keep us safe.



Highly annoying, but great at getting our attention, alarms play an important role in keeping us safe.

Cactus Needles

A cactus has needles to protect the water within, but when we drink of the living water, we have God's protection.

Harm Removed

Always trust in the Lord. This Object Talk will show the kids how God keeps us safe from the grasp of the devil in miraculous ways.

Life's Filter

The world around us may be polluted, but God gives us the means to remove these impurities.

Snatch The Stone

It is comforting to know we can trust God to keep us safe.


An object lesson and fun activity to show how the Word of God can protect us from all the temptations thrown at us by the devil.

True Strength

An object talk to show how God protects us in unseen ways, to help us overcome life's difficulties.

Unseen Faith

This object talk demonstrates how faith in our Lord can help us from being crushed by fear.


All About Babylon

The children will help Abraham, Jacob, and Moses arrive in Egypt.​

Daniel And The Den Of Lions

(Maze) Help Daniel avoid the lions and find his way out of this tricky maze.

Fire Escape

(Maze) Children help Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego find their way to safety in this maze. Taken from Daniel 3:12-30

In The Light

(Cross-out) While walking along the path, the Word of the Lord will be our guiding light. (Psalm 119:105)

King Herod Is Troubled

(Crossword) In this puzzle, students will use the story from Matthew 2:1-20 to answer questions about King Herod and his opposition to Jesus.

Mighty Fortress Maze

The children will complete the maze and learn about God’s protection.

Our Mighty Fortress And Refuge

The children will find and review key words from Psalm 91.​

Pslam 23

(Crossword) Kids can find all of the answers to this crossword puzzle by reading Psalm 23.

Search For God's Armor

(Word Search) We are told to put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, we may be able to stand our ground. Kids become familiar with the different pieces of God's armor in this word search.

The Prophet Daniel

(Word Winder) What did it take for Daniel to survive when he was in Babylon? This word winder provides the answer.

Traveling To Egypt Maze

The children will help Abraham, Jacob, and Moses arrive in Egypt.​

Who Watches Over Us?

(Cryptogram) Children decode the verse to find out who watches over us.


Defending God

A skit about David and Goliath that teaches children that it is important to know God and to serve only Him. (Skit for up to four)

God Is Our Protector

The children will perform a skit based on Isaiah 36-37 to remind them that God is the only true protector. (Skit for seven or more: King Hezekiah, King of Assyria, Eliakim, Isaiah, Citizens, and two narrators.)

Moses In The Nile

This skit shows Moses' humble beginnings and how God protected him from harm. (Skit for five)

The Hamsters' Great Escape

The exodus from Egypt, as told by one family's pets (Skit for two)

The Passover

This is a skit about three families during the time God sent the tenth and most devastating plague to Egypt, when Pharaoh finally let His people go. (Skit for nine)


Lions' Den Rap

A classic story set to a modern beat the children can create on their own.