Lions' Den Rap

A classic story set to a modern beat the children can create on their own.


Daniel, Protection, Worship


Song sheet [PDF] Click here


Approximately 8 minutes

sleeping lion

Now King Darius was a pretty good king,
He wanted to do the truly right thing.
But his royal advisors and officials that day,
Did their very best to lead him astray.

O King Darius they cried, live forever,
Issue a decree that can't be broken, never!
Anyone who prays to anyone but you,
For the next thirty days is guilty of this rule.

Cause the punishment should be,
worse than being dead,
To be thrown smack dab, into the lion's den.
Chomp, chomp, grind, grind, chew, chew, gulp!
Thrown smack dab into the lion's den. Yeah!

Now Daniel was known as a man who always prayed,
To the one and only God, he did so every day.
But those rotten advisors and officials knew this well,
So off to the king they went, couldn't wait to tell.

The king was quite sad, but nothing he could do,
He must carry out the letter of the rule.
So into the den he threw Daniel with a sigh,
And waited for the news to come back that he had died.
(Repeat Chorus)

But at the light of dawn, the king woke up to find,
God had saved His servant from sure death by a lion.
'Cause Daniel was innocent in God's holy sight,
He sent an angel to the lions to hold their jaws real tight.

Well, the king was overjoyed that Daniel was saved,
He issued a new decree that could never be changed.
People everywhere, all throughout the lands,
Must worship the one true God, whose kingdom never ends.
(Repeat Chorus)