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Treating others with love and compassion (See also caring, compassion, mercy)

Kingdom of God

God's present reign and when Jesus will rule as King over all humanity (See also Heaven)

Knowing God

The desire to gain a full awareness and understanding of God (See also Character of God)

Knowing Jesus

Learning more about Jesus (See also Disciples, Following Jesus)


Things learned from study or experience (See also wisdom)


Young sheep, "Lamb of God" A name for Jesus because He was a sacrifice for our sins


The brother of Mary and Martha, loved by Jesus. A poor beggar mentioned in a parable (See also Mary and Martha)


Someone who is able to give guidance and direction to others (See also guidance)


Christians are to be the light of the world


Paying attention to what is being said, hearing and obeying God's voice (see also paying attention)

Lord's Supper

Jesus and His disciples eating in the upper room; The Last Supper (See also communion)


Being apart from Christ (See also salvation)


Not a mere, mushy feeling. Godly love is unconditional, patient, kind, and forgiving


The opposite of telling the truth (See also honesty, truthfulness)