Not a mere, mushy feeling. Godly love is unconditional, patient, kind, and forgiving

"By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." John 13:35


Gifts Of Love

An activity about showing forgiveness to others, as a true act of Godly love.

Hearts Of Truth

The children will distinguish the difference between real love and fake love.

I Know You

A feel good activity enabling children to accept themselves and others as they are.

Love, Love, Love

An activity to show how we use the word LOVE in many different ways. Some have much more meaning than others.

Missing Piece

People try to fill the empty spot in their hearts with many things.

One Potato, You Potato

God created people who are different, but all are special in His eyes. A lesson on self-worth and love.

Precious In God's Sight

This activity teaches kids that we should show kindness to everyone in the world.

Resisting Fleshly Desires

Children explore the difference between giving into their fleshly desires and acting out of love with mercy and humility.

Spiritual Gift Wrap

The children will wrap special gifts to discover the Spirit’s presence.

Spiritual Weight-Lifting

The children will learn that spiritual strength is given by the Holy Spirit.

What's Your Motivation?

Kids read several situations and decide how the character's motivation will affect the outcome of the story .

Who's In Or Out?

This activity will create a visual picture of what is in our heart. It will allow God to reveal to us His love for all people.


Remain In My Love

If you keep my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commands and remain in his love. (John 15:10)


Different People

We live in a world made up of many different people from many different backgrounds, nationalities and lifestyles. God loves everyone. Children must learn to respect and love each other, because God loves all of us.

God's Special People

An exciting way for the children in your class to see who is special to God.


Father's Day Bookmark

Kids have fun making this personalized bookmark for their dads

God Is Holy (Mosaic)

The children will create a mosaic to help them remember God's attributes.

Hairy Heart

A wacky air freshener craft to remind the children how their love for Jesus is like sweet smelling fragrance.

Hearts Of Joy And Love

Children create an attractive card using hearts to bring a cheerful message of joy and love for Valentine's Day or other special occasions

Hearts On A Cross

A sweet craft to help the kids remember that Jesus loved them so much, He gave up His life on a cross.

Love And Kindness Coupons

Not only a craft, but also a thoughtful gift for someone special. Easy to assemble but packed with love and kindness.

Love Like Jesus

The children will create a Valentine’s Day hanging about true, Biblical love.

Mother's Day Flowers

Kids will make a beautiful flower, which displays their love and thankfulness for their mothers.

New Start Spinner

The children make a craft to remind them that God’s love and mercy is never ending and new every day.

Symbols Of Love - Collage

The children will create a collage to remind them of God’s love.


Love And Justice

How well will your team show Godly love? Let the judges decide.

Love Charades

The children will play a game to remind them to show God’s love.

Matching Hearts

The children will play a simple game to learn about God’s love.

Share Your Heart

A scramble to trade hearts with the other kids so everyone has the right colors.


A Father's Love

Jesus' parable of the prodigal son demonstrates the qualities of a loving father. Through today's lesson, children will learn that all of us can have this type of loving relationship with our Heavenly Father.


This lesson series teaches children the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit and how to apply them to their lives.

God Is Holy

This Sunday school lesson will identify God’s holiness as His most prevalent attribute. Children will learn that all of God’s additional attributes exist through and because of His holiness.

God Is Loving

This Sunday school lesson will help children understand why God loves us and how He displays His love.

Honor Your Mother

Through this lesson, children will see that we should honor our mothers everyday of the year.

Living For God

Through this lesson, children will learn how God wants us to interact with fellow believers, as the end draws near.

Love Like Jesus

The children will learn that Jesus gives us the best example of true love.

Showing God's Love

This lesson will help the children learn how they can love God and other people by examining the way God loves them and how Jesus showed love while He was on earth.

Spiritual Growth

Through this lesson, children learn that God's divine power provides them with everything they need to live godly lives; thus, they escape the corruption evil desires cause in the world.

The Holy Spirit Empowers Us

The Holy Spirit gives us the strength to obey God.

The Holy Spirit Teaches Us

The Holy Spirit teaches us about God and how to live a holy life.

The Lost Sheep

Through this lesson children will gain an understanding of God's love for all mankind.

The Prodigal Son

With this lesson the children will have a good idea of what matters in life. The choice between material possessions or relationship will determine how they would want to live their lives, and hopefully, it will make them realize that a life full of materialism cannot fulfill an empty heart.


This four week series teaches students some of the major qualities of godly love.

Unlimited Chances

In this lesson, the children learn that because Jesus sacrificed Himself for us, God gives us unlimited chances to start over when we truly repent.

We Can Love And Adore Jesus

From this lesson the kids will see how they can truly show their love and adoration for Jesus, through worship, praise and by loving others.

Who Is The Greatest?

After completing this lesson, the children will understand that God honors those who are humble.


Bear Good Fruit

The children will identify godly people from ungodly people by the type of fruit each group bears.

Fill Them With God's Kindness

A demonstration to show what can happen when we display God's kindness, mercy, and love without favoritism.

Love Without End

A simple Object Talk to show how much God desires our love and adoration, all throughout our lives.


Remain In My Love

If you keep my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commands and remain in his love. (John 15:10)


Depend On Jesus

(Word Search) The children will review and find words that relate to Christian maturity.

God Is Loving

(Word Scramble) Children unscramble words to learn more about God's love for them.

Leave Her Alone

(Crossword) A puzzle about the story of Mary when she poured perfume onto Jesus' feet and then wiped them with her hair.

Love Is...

(Word Search) We express love in many ways. Children will find words of love suggested in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 hidden in this puzzle.

Puzzled Over Jealousy

(Word Search) After completing this word search, the children will not be puzzled as to why God's jealousy is holy and just while theirs is not.

What Am I?

(Riddle) Children are given eight questions to try and slove a riddle. Which student will answer the riddle with the fewest clues?

Words Of Love

Kids discover what love is and what love is not using 1 Corinthians 13:4-8a


Loving Like Jesus

Part 3: Sofia gets out her apology, and also learns a valuable lesson about love. (A skit for two)

Oh Brother!

A skit about a boy who would rather catch a fish than catch a ball, and how he faced conflict with his jealous brother. (A skit for three persons)


One Kid's Treasure

(Storybook Available) A story about one young man's discovery about everlasting love.