Mother's Day Flowers

Kids will make a beautiful flower, which displays their love and thankfulness for their mothers.
by Bryce Klaput, Coast Community Church


Family, Love, Mother's Day, Thankfulness


Circular picture of child
Colored construction paper
Flower Petal Template [PDF] Click here
Magnet, tape or glue
Pen or pencil


Approximately 15 minutes

mothers day flower sample


Cut out a circular picture of each child in class. Using the flower petal template, cut out 10 flower petals for each child in class. 


Take pictures of the children ahead of time. Using these pictures, cut their faces out in a circular pattern. You may want to add a text border with a scripture verse or a inspirational quote. Secure self-adhesive magnets to the back of each picture. Cut out flower petals shaped from different colored construction paper. On the petals, write "I love you for…" or "Thank you for…"

Give each of the children 10 petals for their flowers. On the petals, have the children fill in their answers as to why they love their mom and why they are thankful for their mothers. It’s ok if they can’t think of 10 things, just have them turn the petal over if they can’t. Glue the petals onto the picture, making sure that their answers are showing.

Godly mothers are the nation's greatest treasure, the Lord's best helpers, and the most blessed among women.