Meaningful Christian Sunday school crafts for kids. Perfect for children's church, Sunday school classes, Bible study, or VBS!  More information

Genealogy Of Jesus Wheel

Jesus came from a royal family, a direct descendant of King David. The Genealogy of Jesus Wheel provides the kids a fun way to compare the Genealogy of Jesus with their own.

God Dictionary

Kids will make a dictionary that describes what they know about God from A to Z.

God Is Holy (Mosaic)

The children will create a mosaic to help them remember God's attributes.

God's Armor - Self Portrait

Kids create their own set of Biblical armor.

God's Law

The children will create a display of the Ten Commandments.

God's Reward

The children will identify God’s rewards for obedience.

Hairy Heart

A wacky air freshener craft to remind the children how their love for Jesus is like sweet smelling fragrance.

Healthy Flower

This craft encourages attendance, class participation, evangelism, and good behavior.

Hearts Of Joy And Love

Children create an attractive card using hearts to bring a cheerful message of joy and love for Valentine's Day or other special occasions

Hearts On A Cross

A sweet craft to help the kids remember that Jesus loved them so much, He gave up His life on a cross.

Hide God's Word In Your Heart

This craft will help children memorize and keep the Word of God close to their hearts.