God's Armor - Self Portrait

Kids create their own set of Biblical armor.
by Dyan Spence


Armor of God, Protection


Butcher paper
Pencil, Markers or crayons
Glue, strong tape
Colored paper
Aluminum foil


Approximately 15 minutes



Cut the shapes for the belt and shoes out of white butcher paper ahead of time.

Use poster board to make a shield. Remember to add a handle to the back of the shield, so the kids may carry it. Make cutouts of swords from colorful paper and foil ahead of time, or let the children pick their own colors during class.

Depending on the size of your class, you may want to recruit several adult volunteers to help with this craft.


Have each child lie down on a sheet of butcher paper and have a volunteer trace his or her body outline. Each child will write their name on his or her paper outline and then tape the paper outline to wall.

Use aluminum foil for the helmet and breastplate. The children can decorate their own belt and shoes, which you have already prepared from the white butcher paper.

The children will glue all of these items to their own body outline. Once the project is complete, the kids can roll up their body outlines and take them home to hang on their walls.