Meaningful Christian Sunday school crafts for kids. Perfect for children's church, Sunday school classes, Bible study, or VBS!  More information

Samaritan Woman At The Well

Children relate this familiar Bible story to how we are all different and special because God made us in His image.

Secret Weapon

Children make a colorful bracelet to help them remember how to preach the Gospel effectively.

Self-Control Wheel

A fun way for kids to find a verse from the Bible that will help them when they feel tempted.

Seven Days Of Creation

A little book with a big message.

Seven Good Years - Seven Bad Years

Children create a colorful grain silo to demonstrate the seven good years and seven bad years during the time of Joseph.

Seventy Times Seven

How many times should I forgive? A delightful craft to show how often we should forgive one another.

Shepherd's Staff

Children are reminded how Jesus is the Good Shepherd by creating a shepherd's staff.

Shepherd's Table

Children use yummy treats to prepare a table as it says in Psalm 23:5, "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies."

Shield Of Character

The children will create a shield to display godly characteristics.

Special Angels

A wonderful craft to begin a Sunday School Class. The children have an opportunity to be creative while enjoying the fellowship of their classmates.

Spit Out Jonah

Kids create a fun beach scene that includes a whale spiting out Jonah and a few other things.

Step Up And Help

The children will create a craft about bravely choosing to help others.

Stick Puppets

Stick puppets can be used for many short skits or role plays. Instead of the kids reading their parts, let them act them out with these simple but exciting puppets.

Storms Of Life

The children will create a visual aid to help them remember that Jesus can calm the storms in their lives.

Symbols Of Love - Collage

The children will create a collage to remind them of God’s love.

Teaching Necklace

Children create ornaments to hang around their necks to remind them of Proverbs 1:8-9.

Teachings To Remember

This Mother’s Day craft teaches children to honor their parents and obey God.

Team Jesus Banner

Children create colorful banners to show others how they are members of Team Jesus.

Thankful Tambourines

The children will learn they can be thankful by praising God through music.

Thanksgiving Basket

A simple yet colorful basket the children can enjoy filling with God’s provisions.

The Lord Is My Rock

When finished, this craft will be a reminder that the Lord is our fortress, our deliverer, our shield, and the strength of our salvation.

Tin Man

Creativity flourishes with this craft that has endless applications.

Tongues Of Fire

The children create a craft to learn about the Holy Spirit’s coming at Pentecost.