Tin Man

Creativity flourishes with this craft that has endless applications.


Just for Fun


Bag of small washers (Washers should be about the size
of a penny or slightly larger.)
Tin foil
Small strips of paper
Tape, markers


Approximately 15 minutes


Before class obtain a roll of tin foil, a roll of transparent tape, and enough washers so that each child will get two.


Give each child a medium sized piece of tin foil and two washers. Instruct the kids to tear small strips down the length of the tin foil. Have them take the strips and roll/form them into what will look like small tin snakes. Once the children have several of these made they can use one section for the body of the tin man, one section for the arms and one section for the legs. Instruct them to make the legs long enough so that they can bend the ends of the legs to make feet. The kids can use excess tin foil to make the head. Tape each of the feet to one of the washers, this will allow the tin man to stand without falling over.

Kids can then write many different things on the small strip of paper. For example: The chapter & verse of their favorite Bible passage, Reminders such as "Remember to help Grandma next Saturday" or "School project due next week" - the list is endless. The tin person will then hold the strip of paper.

Kids can make multiple tin people and use them to act out Bible stories. You can use the tin people to illustrate biblical truths such as "God gave us free will, hearts and minds unlike these tin people"

If time permits, kids can make accessories for their tin people such as swords and shields for the armor of God. You can also use Strips of cloth & yarn to make Biblical costumes.