Hearts of Joy and Love

Children create an attractive card using hearts to bring a cheerful message of joy and love for Valentine's Day or other special occasions.


Joy, Love, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day 


Black construction paper (one sheet for each child)
Red construction paper
Red Bendable building sticks*
Cutout sheet [PDF] Click here
Valentine heart stickers
Glue stick, scissors


Approximately 20 minutes

Hearts of Joy


Before class, purchase the amount of materials needed for the number of kids in your class. Cut the red construction paper into three-inch squares so you can give one square to each child. Also, print out one cutout sheet for each child.

It may be helpful to make a sample card before class so the children can see what a finished one should look like.


Give each child one sheet of black construction paper, one three-inch red square, two or three red bendable building sticks, one cutout sheet, and 20 or so small Valentine heart stickers.

Have the children fold the black construction paper into half to form a card. Then, have them cut out the white heart and phrases from the cutout sheet.

Start with the inside of the card by pasting on the white heart and the phrases. Older children can choose which phrases they want inside the card, or they can use them all. Then, have them stick on the Valentine stickers over the small words "heart" or "hearts" found on each phrase. Add more stickers to the large white heart, but make sure to leave some space to write in the name of the person who is to receive the card.

Next, fold the red square in half and cut out a heart. (The children can also use the template provided to make a nicely shaped heart.) Paste the red heart onto the outside front of the card. Then shape the bendable building sticks to form a "J" and a "Y". Place these on the front of the card so they appear as if to be stems holding up the heart. Press the sticks firmly onto the paper to stay in place. Finally, have the children decorate the front of the card and the red heart with more Valentine heart stickers.


It is always nice to tell people that they are special. We like to tell people how much we appreciate them on special occasions such as Valentine's day, Birthdays, or Mother's day. However, did you know we are special to Jesus everyday—holiday or not?

Today we will make a card that kind of looks like a bouquet of flowers. Only the flower is a heart and the stems will be a "J" for JESUS and a "Y" for YOU. So the card says, "JESUS LOVES YOU" and "JOY" on the front. Inside is a further reminder of God's love. People always feel special when they know you spent time making something for them. It is the same with Jesus. He loves us so much he even died on a cross so we could be saved. This means we are very special to Jesus.

*Bendable building sticks are available from most craft and toy stores. They resemble sticky pipe cleaners and usually come in assorted colors.