I Know You

A feel good activity enabling children to accept themselves and others as they are.


Acceptance, Friendship, Individuality, Kindness, Love


8½ x11" sheet of paper for each child
Pencil or marker for each child


From 10 to 15 minutes

2 girls


First, divide the children into groups of 4, 5 or 6 kids each. (A group of three is too small and seven may end up taking too long.) If possible, have the kids in each group sit together at separate tables, or at opposite ends, etc. Then tell the children to look around at everyone in their group, and have them write the first name of each member down the left-hand side of their piece of paper. Order is not important. Then, tell them to write down something nice about each person next to their name. What they write must be positive, not hurtful or degrading. 


 Mark  Always dress nice
 Alyssa  She is nice to everyone
 Jennifer  She is very smart
 Andrew  Knows books of the Bible
 Erica  Very good at soccer

Once everyone has had a chance to write down something nice about each person in his or her group, have them pass their paper to the person on their right. Then, everyone is to find their name and read the comments the others wrote about them. After a few moments, have the children pass the paper again to the person on their right, and let everyone read what comments the others wrote about them. Repeat this until the paper gets back to the original author. The kids will be able to know what good things others think about them, and this will no doubt brighten their day.

Explain to the children that God is love, and Jesus is the example we have of love. Jesus saw people for who they really are. When we have Jesus in our heart, we can also see people the same way Jesus does, with love, compassion, kindness and concern.