Sunday school activities help keep the kids interested as they learn and grow spiritually. Activities are great for Sunday school, children's church, Bible camp, and VBS. More information

Gifts For God

The children will create a sacrificial gift of thankfulness for God.

Gifts Of Love

An activity about showing forgiveness to others, as a true act of Godly love.

Give It Up

Children identify areas in their lives that they need to give up, so they can offer themselves to God as living sacrifices.

Give Praise Where Praise Is Due

The children will learn the reverence in giving God praise and thanks.

Giving And Receiving

It is important to give generously, but it is also important to receive with thanksgiving in your heart. This activity will help kids learn both.

God Is All Knowing

A fun challenge that reveals God's omniscience.

Godly Behaviors

Kids complete several scenarios and then determine if their chosen actions would be considered showing justice (fairness), mercy (kindness), or being humble (selflessness).

Gold Rush

Wisdom is like a precious coin. Look for it as you would a hidden treasure.

Good Samaritan

(Coloring Page) Jesus wants us to love our neighbors as ourselves. (Luke 10:25-37)

Guess Whose Mom?

This scripture-matching activity will introduce the children to some very important mothers found in the Bible. A great activity for Mother's Day.

Guide Me

One child draws an object only from verbal instructions given by another child. This activity shows how reading and studying the Bible can help us understand the Will of God.

Head Or Heart Knowledge

This activity helps students get a better understanding of the difference between “Head Knowledge” and “Heart Knowledge.”

Healing Cards

Children play a matching game that deals with the subject of healing and find that the Lord is our ultimate healer.

Heart Of The Matter

This activity helps children focus on connecting with God’s heart.

Hearts Of Truth

The children will distinguish the difference between real love and fake love.

Help And Comfort

God's Word tells us to remember to do good, to share what we have, and to look after the needs of others.

Helper Keys

The children will identify actions that “unlock” hearts for the Lord.

Helper Pizza

The children will identify ways to help others with specific needs.

Hidden Jealousy

While searching for different attributes of jealousy, children learn why God's jealousy is righteous but ours is not.

Highlight The One

Children will have fun reading God’s word and highlighting the One on paper.

History Mystery - Old Testament

Children will place events in chronological order based on when they occurred in the Bible.

History Mystery - Young Joseph

Children put the Biblical events about Joseph and his angry, jealous brothers in chronological order.

Hold It Together

The children will reassemble objects to learn that Jesus holds everything together.

Holiday Distractions

An activity that challenges students to cut out the distractions that can come with celebrating the holidays. They learn to celebrate Jesus as the priority.

Holy Balloon

A person who is not filled with the Holy Spirit is like a deflated balloon: lifeless, limp and not much fun.

How Many Names?

The children will learn how multiple names can describe the same object.

How Patient Am I?

Kids examine different chores to learn about the benefits of patience and perseverance.

How Tempted Are You?

Children are tempted by many things. This little quiz will give the kids an idea of how well they can resist some everyday temptations.

How Would I React?

When something goes well, how do you feel? Who do you tell? What do you say to God? How about when something goes wrong?

How Would You Handle It?

The children learn to use advice from Philippians to resolve disagreements and live for Christ.

Human Robot

When we pray, God does not want us to be like human robots.