Sunday school activities help keep the kids interested as they learn and grow spiritually. Activities are great for Sunday school, children's church, Bible camp, and VBS. More information

Can We Believe What We Cannot See?

This activity demonstrates what faith is and how to increase it.

Can You Control It?

The children learn to ask the Lord to intervene on their behalf when they are facing turbulent times.

Candy Prayer

The children will use candy to practice prayer.

Care Package

Children unscramble words to complete sentences that describe ways they can care for others. These are then added to a care package.

Care Package For The Homeless

The children will enjoy helping the less fortunate while they prepare care bags for the homeless.

Choose To Persevere

In everyday life, children are faced with situations where they must choose to persevere.

Choose To Serve

The children will choose actions and words that reflect a servant heart.

Christian Family Values

From three short Bible stories, children discover what is special about living in a Christian family.

Christmas Distractions

In this activity, students will create a silly story about things that can distract us from the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

The children will answer the clues and follow the stars to a special gift!

Christmas Scramble

In this fun puzzle activity students will race to create as many words as possible using the letters in “Merry Christmas.”

Citizen Of Heaven

An insightful activity that teaches children an important Spiritual Truth.

Claim To Fame

What is impossible with man is possible with God.” Luke 18:27b

Comic Strip Story: A Girl Brought Back To Life

The children will create a comic style summary of a Bible story where a girl is brought back to life.

Comic Strip Story: Abigail Saves The Day

The children will create a comic style summary of a Bible story of how Abigail saves the day.

Comic Strip Story: Pentecost

The children will create a comic style summary of a Bible story about Pentecost.

Commitment Cards

Bible reading is good for the soul.

Community Outreach Project

A community outreach program will benefit the community, students and church as a whole.

Compared To John

Children compare some of the facts surrounding their birth with those of John the Baptist and discover how they are both children of God.


When we are scared, we should call out to our Heavenly Father.

Cover To Cover

Children will enjoy an activity that demonstrates the importance of getting to know someone and the error with faultfinding.

Crumple It!

Children identify sin and then “crumple” its influence in their lives.

David Spares King Saul's Life

(Coloring Page) David cuts of a piece of Saul's robe, but to honor God he did not harm the king. (1Samuel 24:11)

Defend The Innocent

The children will perform an activity to learn how to defend the innocent.

Different Rooms

Everyone is called to serve within the Church using whatever gifts we have, "For we are God's fellow workers." 1 Corinthians 3:9a


The devil does his best to make us turn from Jesus. This activity shows how easily we can be distracted.

Diversity Collage

The children will understand that God has made salvation available to all people!

Do Friends Matter?

Bad company corrupts good character, so choose your friends wisely

Do Not Open!

Temptations are hard to resist. Are the kids up to the test, or will they give in like Adam and Eve?

Do The Shuffle

In this review activity, children scramble to uncover key words from the Bible story.

Do You Believe?

This activity demonstrates children's ability to believe in things they have not seen, to show how they can believe in an unseen God.

Do You Have It Under Control?

This activity helps the kids understand how much control they have over certain areas of their life.