Sunday school activities help keep the kids interested as they learn and grow spiritually. Activities are great for Sunday school, children's church, Bible camp, and VBS. More information

Sacrificial Helpers

The children will identify ways to help others with specific needs using common everyday objects.

Salvation Balloons

The children will identify true and false statements regarding salvation.

Scripture Match-Up

A quick search through the Bible to match up verses about God's peace and protection with their correct scripture reference.

Self-Reflection And Repentance

The children learn the importance of self-reflection and its purpose in repentance.

Selling God's Word

Kids will discover and share the importance of God's Word by producing and recording a radio commercial announcement.

Serve God With Your Whole Body

(Coloring Activity) Children use their coloring skills while showing how they can use the different parts of their bodies to serve God.

Serve Like Jesus

This activity will help children remember to serve others in humility, just as Jesus did.

Shadow Art

The children will trace their shadows to learn about God’s protection.

Shine Among Them Like Stars

The children learn that out of hundreds of thousands of people they can shine and stand out for Jesus.

Size Up The Ark

Children visit the great outdoors to visualize the size of Noah’s ark.

Snowball Or Avalanche?

Kids discover that even little white lies can snowball into an avalanche.

So Don't Worry

Worrying tears away at being able to enjoy the many pleasures life brings.

Soft Or Hard Heart?

God wants us to have soft hearts, which are ready to be used for His purposes.

Special Gifts Tour

A guided tour to find Spiritual Gifts and how they build up the Body of Christ, the Church.

Special Guest

Anticipation of meeting Jesus should inspire us to live our lives for Him.

Special Places Wall

The children will write down the names of special places onto paper bricks.

Spiritual Gift Match

Kids match the names of Spiritual Gifts with different activities shown in pictures.

Spiritual Gift Wrap

The children will wrap special gifts to discover the Spirit’s presence.

Spiritual Pruning

An activity to teach children that God prunes us and cuts things out of our lives so that our lives will produce more fruit for Him.

Spiritual Weight-Lifting

The children will learn that spiritual strength is given by the Holy Spirit.

Stand Up For What's Right

The children will create a self-portrait while considering how to stand up for what’s right.

Stand Up, Speak Up!

The children will practice identifying ungodly directives and acting on their faith.

Stand Your Ground

A lesson on doing what's right, even if no one else will.


Through these exercises, children learn the importance of living according to God's standards, even if it means that we will live like foreigners in this world.

Star Hunt

In this fun activity, students will use star clues to find a special treasure that reminds them to seek Jesus daily.

Sticky Note Mercy

The children will participate in an activity to teach them about God’s mercy.

Sticky Note Thankfulness

The children will identify times when it is easy or hard to show thankfulness.

Sticky Scripture

A fun way to memorize Bible verses using sticky notes.

Stir The Pot, Or Cover It With Love?

Children learn that it is better to show others love, rather than stir up conflict.

Strong Foundation

God's Word gives us a strong foundation to defeat all foes.

Tally It Up

This activity helps children understand how easy it is to complain and how they can avoid it.

Teach Me!

The children will practice teaching their peers a learned skill.

Teamwork Juggle

The children will learn the importance of being a reliable team member.

Tell Me No More Lies

In this activity, children will feel the freedom to give their sin to Jesus and turn from their old ways.

Temptation Resistance

How easy is it to do something you know is wrong, especially when the temptation is so great? Four short stories to test the kids' temptation resistance.

Ten Commandment Quiz

How well do the children know the Ten Commandments? This little quiz will be enlightening.

Thank You Notes

It is always important to thank those who have helped us.

Thankful Treasures

The children will find treat bags and practice showing thankfulness.

Thankfulness Challenge

The children will list words by using the letters in “thankfulness.”

The Cost Of Serving

Children identify with John the Baptist, the disciples, and many others who gave up everything to serve Christ.

The Fear Of God

God doesn't want us to be terrified of Him, but to respect and honor Him.

The Great Catch

(Coloring Page) Fishing on their own strength, the fishermen came up empty handed; nevertheless, the harvest Jesus provided was so great that it began to sink the boats. (Luke 5:1-11)

The Humble And The Proud

Using the parable about the Tax Collector and the Pharisee, this activity will help show the difference between humility and pride.

The Importance Of Oil

Students are challenged to list ways oil is used today, which will help them gain a better understanding of its importance during biblical times.

The Lord Is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)

Kids will enjoy memorizing this beautiful and meaningful Psalm with these handy picture cards.

The Mind Of Christ

The children will choose words that reflect having the mind of Christ.

The Promised Land Tribes

The children will identify the names of the 12 tribes of Israel.

The Same Yesterday, Today, And Forever

Many things in our life change significantly over time, but Jesus never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Things Above And Things Below

The children will identify qualities of the “new self” verses those of the “old self.”

Thinking BIG With God

The children will learn how God uses each person in unique ways for His purpose.

Tic Tac Toe Unlimited

The children will have fun playing a game of tic tac toe where they get multiple chances to try to win.

Time For God

An activities chart will help each child see how he or she might spend a whole Saturday. After having fun completing the charts, the kids will be able to see how much time they leave for God.

To Do List

The children will enjoy making a to do list to see how they can plan their day, but discover that the Lord guides their steps.

To Live Is...

Children will think on what it means to live.

True Friends

Sometimes it can be hard to know who our true friends are. Thankfully, the Bible gives us some guidelines.

Turn To Refuge

The children will identify examples of a refuge to learn about God.

Types Of Leaders

The children will identify types of leaders and the traits associated with each role.

Types Of Warnings

The children will identify different types of warnings.