Time for God

How much time in a day do we reserve for God? Because of busy lives and a desire to have as much fun as possible, children often place God in the back seat. This activity will help kids see where they are spending their time and show how little time they leave for God.


Choices, Commitment, Contentment, Honor God, Idols, Priorities, Walking with God


Activity chart handout [PDF] Click here


From 10 to 15 minutes



Bring at least four or five of the items below to display in class.


Give children a copy of the Activity Chart, and read to them the instructions at the top of the page. After the kids have filled out the chart, discuss selections. Then have them all turn to and read Matthew 6:21 and 24. Discuss the meaning of these verses explaining how God wants us to make Him the biggest part of our day. (See optional application below)

Additional Questions:
How can we show that our heart is devoted to God all of the time?
How do we know if we are spending too much time on one activity and neglecting another?
Is worshipping God something we have to do like homework, or want to do like watching TV?

 List of Activities:                       

  Watch television
Play Video games
Read Books or magazines
Study or do homework
Read the Bible
Play with friends
Do chores
Pray or worship God  
Listen to music
Spend extra time in bed

Optional Application:
You can also use this activity to help kids understand that anything we put before God can become for us like an idol. God wants no other gods before Him, but if we put our time and effort into something other than God, if we make it a priority in our life, even watching television, it can become the same as worshiping an idol in God's eyes. Explain to the kids that there is nothing wrong with watching television, or playing sports, or whatever, just so long as God is still first.