Sunday school activities help keep the kids interested as they learn and grow spiritually. Activities are great for Sunday school, children's church, Bible camp, and VBS. More information

King David Dances Before The Lord

(Coloring Page) King David leaping and dancing before the Lord wearing an ephod to celebrate the return of the ark of the covenant. (2 Samuel 6:14-16)

Lazy Or Wise Ways?

A challenging activity illustrating the consequences of laziness.

Lego Strength Challenge

The children will test the strength of their constructed buildings.

Letter Of Encouragement

The children will write a letter to a friend or classmate encouraging them to live passionately and purposefully for Christ.

Letters Of Encouragement

Children find joy in encouraging others.

Lord Of Life

The children will come up with as many words as they can by using the phrase "Lord of Life."

Love Of Scripture

I delight in your commands because I love them.

Love, Love, Love

An activity to show how we use the word LOVE in many different ways. Some have much more meaning than others.

Lunch Sack Surprise

The children will participate in an activity concerning the contents of our hearts.

Lying In A Manger

(Coloring page) A Christmas scene of Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus lying in a manger. (Luke 2:12)