Sunday school activities help keep the kids interested as they learn and grow spiritually. Activities are great for Sunday school, children's church, Bible camp, and VBS. More information

A Perfect Day

Through contemplating the perfect day, children will gain an understanding of what makes God holy.

A Plentiful Harvest

The children will help one another harvest the wheat.

A Thankful Celebration

The children will participate in a group celebration.

Adventures In Trust

An activity in overcoming life's obstacles.

All About King Josiah

The children will learn about a young king who did what was right in the eyes of the Lord.

All We Need Is Jesus

The children will use this activity to practice rejoicing in all circumstances.

Alpha Or Omega?

The children will learn about a special name for God.

Always Do Good

The children will identify ways to do good for others.

Answers Without Speaking

God answers our prayers without speaking. Can we communicate with each other without speaking?

Are You Ready?

In life we prepare for many things. The most important thing we can prepare for is to meet Jesus!

At Your Service

Children will learn that God wants us to serve Him wholeheartedly. Children will also learn about different ways in which they can serve the Lord.

Bag Of Joy

Although life has many ups and downs, God is always willing and able to help us through the difficult times.

Be Prepared For Opposition

Children enjoy a fun activity while learning how to prepare for opposition.

Bean Bag Hearts

Through this activity children learn that their actions show others that they believe in Jesus.

Being Close To God

Children will toss popcorn from different distances to see that the closer they are to God, the stronger their relationship can be with Him.

Bible Detective

More than an activity, here's a tool that will help children investigate the Word of God.

Biblical Tapestries

Help your lesson or story come alive with a beautiful wall tapestry.

Blended Influence

An activity to demonstrate how friends can affect the way we behave.

Boastful Or Humble

Kids read several situations and decide if the child acted in a boastful or humble way.

Born As You Are

Students will learn that God's Strength and Glory are displayed through our weaknesses.

Breaking Bread

Children learn to appreciate some of the customs practiced during the time of Jesus by participating in a Passover feast.

Breath Of Life

An activity to demonstrate the depth of desire that we should have for God.

Broken Promises

This activity shows the children a visual effect of broken promises.

Build A Church

As children bring their offerings to class, they will earn pieces of a puzzle that when completed will be a large picture of a church building.

Building On Faith

The children will build a “wall” of Christian maturity.

Bursting With Blessings

This activity uses our "Bursting For a Verse" teaching aid to assign various verses for the children to look up to learn about blessings from God.