Bible Detective

More than an activity, here's a tool that will help children investigate the Word of God.


Bible, Bible Trivia, Word of God


Medium card stock
Bible Bucks Click here
Bible Detective Cards (See below) Answer Key
Bible Detective Logo (for back of cards) Click here
Assorted prizes (Optional)


Approximately 7 minutes

bible detective


Before class, print and cut out the "Bible Detective" cards and the "Bible Bucks" on medium card stock. When printing the Bible Detective cards you will be printing on both sides of the card stock, the question will be printed on one side of the paper, and you will then flip the paper over and print the back of the card on the other side. While you certainly don't have to print the card backs, they do make the cards a bit more appealing to the children.  

Easy Questions


Intermediate Questions


Hard Questions




This activity will inspire children to investigate God's Word on a weekly basis for many months.

Each week the children will receive one Bible Detective card with the current week's question. They will work on the questions at home. When the kids return a Bible Detective card(s) with the correct answer for the question on that specific card they will receive one Bible Buck. Once the kids have accumulated four or five Bible Bucks they will be allowed to trade their Bible Bucks in for assorted prizes or tasty treats. You may like to offer slightly better prizes for more Bible bucks, but always ensure that you have rewards available for four or five Bible bucks so that children do not become discouraged.

You can also give out Bible Bucks for good behavior or other good deeds that you see the children doing.
If the children take reasonable care of the Bible Bucks you can continue to reuse them. If your budget permits, you may think about the possibility of having them laminated, this will reduce your printing costs.