Bible Bucks

Bible Bucks are a great way to reward kids for good behavior, completing memory work, bringing their Bibles to Sunday school or even inviting their friends to church.

Once the kids have accumulated two or more Bible Bucks they will be allowed to trade them in for assorted prizes or tasty treats from the "Bible Buck Market." Many inexpensive items can be found at Dollar Stores. You may like to offer slightly better prizes for more Bible Bucks, but always ensure that you have rewards available for two or three Bible Bucks so that children do not become discouraged.

For an interesting game called "Bible Detective" that utilizes Bible Bucks Click Here
Bible Bucks are also great during Christmas time to give kids an opportunity to exchange them for family gifts.

For best results print on medium or heavy card stock.
Click on each sample Bible Buck below for a printable graphic image.

 bible buck 1  bible buck 2
 bible buck 5  bible buck 10