Children's ministry ideas to keep the kids interested, challenged, and participating in class.

Bible Bucks

Bible Bucks are a great way to reward kids for good behavior, completing memory work, bringing their Bibles to Sunday school or even inviting their friends to church.

Bursting For A Verse

Looking up Bible verses has never been more fun

Creative Ways To Form Teams

Creative and fun ways to form teams.

Guiding Stones

Help preschoolers and young children know where to go with this simple idea - Preschool

Helpful Bible Tips

Helpful tips to make Bible study more fun and receive more student participation.

Jesus Fills Me Up

An interactive bulletin board to reward the children for participating in various Sunday school activities. - Preschool

Listening Ears

A hilarious way to get kids to listen, or to speak up. Get ready for giggles! - Preschool or Grade School

My Special Place

Give younger children an exciting and special place to sit for discussion or story time. - Preschool

Pick Me, Pick Me!

What to do when all the kids want to volunteer.

Skits & Role-Plays—Not Enough Parts

How to handle the assignment of parts when you have more kids than parts.

Who Talks Next?

Fun ways to help preschoolers know when it is their turn to answer a question or share an idea. - Preschool