Listening Ears

A hilarious way to get kids to listen, or to speak up. Get ready for giggles! 

Tired of clapping your hands, flashing the lights and whistling to get the kids' attention? When it's time to let the kids know class has began try this idea: Clear your throat and pull out two giant ears from behind your back. As you move the giant ears to the sides of your head, say, "Okay kids, it's time to put on your listening ears." The kids will giggle, point, and laugh. Wiggle the giant ears for even more laughs! You now have their undivided attention.

The giant listening ears can be used in many different ways; use them when kids recite their memory verse, use them to get shy children to speak up, use them to get noisy children to quiet down. With a little imagination you can come up with a lot of different uses for these giant ears.

To make your own set of "Listening Ears" you'll need the following supplies: 2 pieces of white full sheet labels, thin foam board (or cardboard), a razor knife (or strong scissors) and the right and left ear templates.

Once you have all the supplies, simply print out the right and left ear templates on the full sheet labels. Trim the labels and apply the labels to the thin foam board or cardboard. Last but not least, trim the foam board or cardboard. You now have a set of Giant Listening Ears.

 Listening Ears

Click here for ear templates