Great ideas for helping children memorize scripture and review lesson applications.

Assorted Ideas For Memorizing Verses (Part 1)

A collection of fun ideas to help kids memorize God's Word.

Assorted Ideas For Memorizing Verses (Part 2)

More fun ideas to help kids memorize God's Word.

Battle Of Knowlege

(Gradeschool) A review game of wits, skill and good aim.

Bible Jeopardy

(Gradeschool) A lively review game similar to the Jeopardy Game Show on television.

Books Of The Bible Starboard

(Gradeschool) Slightly competitive, visual encouragement to memorize all the books of the Bible in order.

Build It And Win It

(Gradeschool) Children memorize scripture by constructing a tower.

Desert Venture

(Gradeschool) Like the Israelites wandered in the desert for 40 years, this review game will have the children going forwards and backwards until they reach their destination.

Digging Scripture

The children dig to find a Bible verse, repeat it aloud, while encouraging their classmates to do the same.

Do The Shuffle

(Gradeschool) In this review activity, children scramble to uncover key words from the Bible story.

Eye Witness

(Gradeschool) Children become eye witnesses to review the events that take place in the Bible story.


(Gradeschool) Use this popular sport to help the kids review what they have learned.

Hide God's Word In Your Heart

(Gradeschool) This craft will help children memorize and keep the Word of God close to their hearts.

Hop To It

A fun variation of hopscotch game for children to help them memorize their Bible verse and get out some wiggles.

Memory Circle

Fun but simple game to show how well the kids remember names in the Bible.

Musical Chairs Bible Verse

A fun variation of the game musical chairs that makes everyone a winner as they memorize their Bible verse.

Off To The Races

(Gradeschool) Kids show how much they remember in this review game by being on the first team to speed a car across the finish line.

One Amazing Verse

(Gradeschool) A fun Bible memory game that helps put the Word of God into our hearts.

Paper Ladder

(Gradeschool) A fun fast paced game, that builds memorization skills and team work.

Picture Perfect Verses

(Preschool) An Interactive activity that helps memorize simple Bible verses.


The children pop up and down while learning a new Bible verse.

The Great Book Challenge

(Gradeschool) If you win this game, the prize is sweeter than candy.

The Great Book Challenge

(Gradeschool) If you win this game, the prize is sweeter than candy.

The Rainbow Game

(Gradeschool) A colorful review game reflective of the covenant God made with Noah.

The Square-off

(Gradeschool) A tricky and competitive challenge to help the children review what they have learned.


(Gradeschool) A fun way to memorize Bible verses with a fun, homemade puzzle.