Helpful Bible Tips

Helpful tips to make Bible study more fun and receive more student participation. 
By Vicki Hammons Woodlee

5th and 6th grade (pre-teen) is every bit as difficult to teach as the youth! I found that Bible Study and Scripture Reading with the lesson became MUCH easier after purchasing 15 of the EXACT same Bible from the Christian book store.

The Bibles were left at church, and each Sunday it was considered a privilege to be the person to get the Bibles, pass them around, and put them up at the end of class. I found that if I selected one of the "problem kids" in the class, it made all the difference in the world in how they acted during the teaching of the lesson. (Look for Bibles that are on sale, nothing fancy, but suitable for children.)

I found that some kids who could not find a specific chapter in the Bible were uncomfortable, so I would tell the class: "Okay, first person who finds the scripture call out the page number!" It was exciting for those who knew the Bible, and less stress for those who didn't. Purchasing those Bibles were such a blessing to my class!

Helpful tips for Bible review

Bible Keys (Activity)
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Bible references use certain keys to help indicate book, chapter and verse. Here is a great activity to help children know how to find verses and how to read common Bible references.