Who Talks Next?

Fun ways to help preschoolers know when it is their turn to answer a question or share an idea. 

Some preschool children love to talk, while others can be a little bashful to speak up. Here are some suggestions to help the kids know when it their turn to answer a question or share an idea. These activities work especially well with preschool age children. The kids are so excited when it is their turn, they not only share, but have fun at the same time.


Twirl the Bottle

Take an empty water bottle and decorate it with strips of colored construction paper. When it is time for the children share, have them sit in a large circle. Place the bottle in the middle of the circle and twirl it around. The child the bottle is pointing to when it stops twirling is the one to answer the question. Then let that child twirl the bottle. Be sure to give each child an opportunity to answer a question or to share with the class. To do this you may need to spin the bottle a few extra times until it points to a child who has not had a turn.


Who Has the Ball?

Have the children sit in a circle on the floor. Take a soft ball that the children can easily handle without getting hurt and toss the ball to someone. Let that child share, or answer the questions you have prepared. Then let that child toss the ball to someone who has not yet caught the ball. When nearly everyone has had a chance, you may have to assist the children’s memories about who has or has not yet caught the ball. Suggest whom they should toss the ball to so everyone has a chance to participate.

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