My Special Place

Give younger children an exciting and special place to sit for discussion or story time. 

Younger children (some older ones too) love to sit on the floor. They will enjoy it even more when they have their own special place to relax. Here are some simple ideas to increase their excitement. These ideas are great for storytelling, discussion time, and gathering kids into a circle to play games.

colorful blaanket

Colorful blankets

Turn a blanket, an old bedspread, or a sheet into an imaginary journey. For example, if your Bible lesson is about when Jesus walked on the water, bring a blue blanket to class. Have the children pretend they are sitting on the water as they hear the story. Or pretend you are having a picnic as you read about how Jesus fed the 5,000. A dark blanket can be a deep cistern for the story of Joseph and his jealous brothers. With a green blanket, the children can pretend they are sitting on the leaves of a tall tree, as they hear Jesus say, "Zaccheus, come down." 


Flying Carpets

Save those carpet samples, or leftover carpet squares.When it is time for discussion, have all the children grab their own flying carpet to sit on. Make sure no flying carpets are touching each other, or they may not fly well.

This is a simple idea, but the kids love it. They feel pride in having their own special place to sit and are more likely to remain on their carpet squares instead of roaming around. If possible, have a variety of colors so the children can choose a flying carpet to use for the full year.

 flying carpet