Boastful or Humble

Kids read several situations and decide if the child acted in a boastful or humble way.


Attitude, Foolishness, Humility, Pride


Activity page for each child [PDF] Click here
Pencils or markers


Approximately 10 minutes

good grade


Before class, print or make copies of the activity page for each child.  


The kids will read each of the six examples. Then, they will write whether the child in each example was boastful or humble. When all of the children have finished, go through each scenario and have the children share their answers. Ask students to share why they answered the way they did. Ask if the kids can think of any other situations where we can act in a humble way.

Correct Responses:
Example 1:
Jimmy was humble because he thanked his mother for her encouragement.

Example 2:
Tammy was boastful because she looked at outward appearances. She thought her dress was better than the other girls' dresses and went out of her way to tell the others how pretty it was.

Example 3:
Carl was humble because although he knew he came from a wealthy family he didn't act like it. Carl was also very generous.

Example 4:
Liz was boastful because she thought her earthly accomplishments were all she needed. She foolishly didn't want Jesus in her life.

Example 5:
James was boastful because he compared his possessions with what others had and would laugh at people who had less materially.

Example 6:
Justin was humble because he didn't leave the mess for his mother to clean up, but rather took the initiative to clean up the mess his sister made without being asked.