Answers Without Speaking

God answers our prayers without speaking. Can we communicate with each other without speaking?


Guidance, Holy Spirit, Prayer


Cup of water, piece of fruit, index cards
Hand drawn map of the church,
Picture of a stop sign [PDF] Click here


Approximately 5 minutes

praying hands


Hand draw a map of the church. Print the following questions on index cards:
    1. I am hungry; can you help me?
    2. I need water for my plant; can you help me?
    3. I really like your church; can you tell me how to locate the sanctuary to attend the service?
    4. I'm thinking about joining a gang; what do you think about that?


Place the first four objects on a table and ask for two volunteers. Give the index cards to the first volunteer and he or she will verbally ask the questions to the second volunteer. The second volunteer may use any of the objects on the table to answer the questions, but may not speak. See how many of the questions can be answered. If time permits, allow other volunteers to play the two roles.


(After the questions have been asked and answered to the best of the student's ability, say the following:)

The cup of water and the piece of fruit represent how God answers our prayers for our physical needs. By supplying food, drink, homes and medicine, He shows that He cares for us.

The map and picture of the stop sign represent how God speaks to us through His written word—the Bible. The Bible is similar to a map, or owner's manual, for our lives.

God also speaks to us through the Holy Spirit, which is the part of us that feels guilty or bad when we know in our hearts that we did something wrong. In addition, this part of us feels happy and joyful when we worship and praise God.