Selling God's Word

Kids will discover and share the importance of God's Word by producing and recording a radio commercial announcement.


Bible, Witnessing, Word of God


Portable cassette recorder
Blank cassette tape


From 20 to 25 minutes



Explain to the class that a radio station has chosen them to record a 30-second commercial. The product they are going to sell is The Word of God, or the BIBLE. Split the class into teams of two to four kids, so you have at least three teams. Tell the teams they have about 15 minutes to work together to write out a commercial message. Each team should select one kid to do the scribing. When the 15 minutes are up, have each team go to a quiet place in the room or building and record their message into the recorder. After every team has recorded their message, play them back so the whole class can hear. You can also vote on which is the best commercial.


"Are you down in the dumps?
Are you worried about school?
Have you ever wanted more out of life?
Well your search is over! Right now, for a limited time only, the answer to all your troubles is here!
It is the Word of God, in an attractive, compact, convenient package known as the BIBLE! It can be yours for only $9.95 plus tax.

So hurry, don't wait, because you will never know when this offer is over!"

Discussion Questions:
1. Is the Word of God an easy product to sell? Why or why not?
2. How do you think most people will react to these commercials?
3. Knowing how great God's Word is, how much would you be willing to pay for a Bible?