So Don't Worry

Worrying tears away at being able to enjoy the many pleasures life brings.


Habit, Peace, Worry


Activity page for each child [PDF] Click here


Approximately 5 minutes



Before class, print or make copies of the activity page for each child.  


First, give each child a copy of the activity page, and have them examine the pictures. Explain to the class that everything on the page is something enjoyable. Having a happy birthday, getting a shiny new bike, being able to play in "the big game of the season," going to the circus and of course, getting a new little puppy. Ask the children "Which of these would you like to have or do?" Explain that worrying can take away from having the ability to enjoy these things to the fullest. "What kinds of things do you worry about?"

If the children do not offer examples of things they worry about, you can suggest the following:
1. Worrying about getting a good grade on a test
2. Worrying about whether other children in the neighborhood will like you
3. Worrying about your mom or dad finding out you did something wrong
4. Worrying about what others will think if you do not do well at sports
5. Worrying about the way you look
As you share the first example of something the children might worry about, have them tear off the Birthday cake from the activity page, and toss it in the trash. Give another example and have them tear off the bicycle and toss it into the trash. Repeat giving examples and tearing away at the pictures on the paper until the children have nothing left.

Explain that worrying can be like this. If we spend too much time worrying, or if we worry about too many things, what should be enjoyable is not anymore. So what should we do when something happens that might cause us to worry? The Bible says, "Cast all your worries upon Him, because he cares for you" (1Peter 5:7) so let Jesus do the worrying, so you can enjoy the things God gives you.