Christmas Scavenger Hunt

The children will answer the clues and follow the stars to a special gift!
by Leah Pittsinger


Birth of Jesus, Christmas


Star pages [PDF] Click here
Card stock paper
Scissors, tape
Special gift (e.g. a small snack or simple toys)


Approximately 15 minutes

merry christmas 


Print the star pages on card stock paper. Cut out the eight stars. Hide the clues in the following locations:

Clue #1: Do not hide this clue! It is the first clue, so it will accompany the introduction.
Clue #2: Under a table.
Clue #3: Under a bathroom sink.
Clue #4: Near a nativity scene or picture.
Clue #5: On a window.
Clue #6: On a thermostat, heat vent or blanket.
Clue #7: Under a favorite toy.
Clue #8: Taped behind a door.
Hide the special gift under a brightly, decorated thing!


Read the Introduction and explain to the children that they will search for a special gift by following the clues. Read the first clue to get the class started, giving hints if necessary. Then continue the scavenger hunt until the special gift is found!

Application: The Wise Men followed a star to find Jesus, but the only thing we need to follow is God’s Word, the Bible! The Bible is like our special star that guides us to know Jesus and trust in Him as our Savior.


The night Jesus was born, a bright star shown in the night. It didn’t take long for the Wise Men to notice the beautiful sight. Just as the star showed the Wise Men where to go, We too will follow the path the stars will show. (Show the children the first star.)