Using the Topical Index

We have separate topical indexes for Grade school and Preschool to make finding the material for your particular age group as easy as possible. 

You will find many common subjects or themes included in our Topical Indexes. As you develop your lesson plan or children's sermon each week, this index can help you find resources that pertain to the main topics. Many Bible passages lend themselves to multiple applications. For example, a lesson covering the Parable of the Talents as told by Jesus in Matthew 25:14-28 could focus on "Foolishness" or "Using Talents." Both are great applications. With the Topical index, you can find many resources for both.

Using the Topical Index

Suppose your lesson next week is going to be the "Parable of the Lost Son" as found in Luke 15:11-31 and you decide to focus on "Forgiveness" as the main application. Look for the topic of "Forgiveness" in the topical index. Clicking to open that page will show all of the different Activities, Object Talks, Stories, Games, Crafts, etc. that we have to teach a lesson on forgiveness.

Be sure to check out the five items at the top of the Topical Index list: "Holidays", "Puzzles and Mazes", "Memory Challenges", "Review Games" and "Just for Fun." These pages also contain many useful ideas.

Memory Verses

You can also use the Topical Index to find great Bible verses for each topic. Bible verses and other quotes are displayed near the top of each page.