Moses In the Nile

This skit shows Moses' humble beginnings and how God protected him from harm.
(Skit for five: Mother, Miriam, Narrator, Maiden, Daughter.)


Faith, Moses, Protection, Trust 


Basket with 10' rope or string fastened to one end
Baby Doll
Skit handout [PDF] Click here


Approximately 10 minutes


Tie rope to basket before class

Moses in the Nile - Skit

(The skit begins with Miriam and the mother holding the doll)
Mother Pharaoh just did a mean thing, Miriam. He made a law that all of the Hebrew baby boys be killed.
Miriam Even my little brother? What can we do?
Mother We must hide him. I need your help.
Narrator They hid the baby in the house for a few months. But baby Moses grew bigger, taller and noisier all the time. It became impossible to keep him quiet and hidden any longer. Everyday the baby's mother prayed and asked God to spare Moses' life from Pharaoh's wrath. But God had even bigger plans for Moses. He was not about to let him perish in Pharaoh's hands. Instead God gave Moses' mother an idea.
Mother Miriam, we need to do something more than hide Moses. I know Pharaoh's daughter is without child. Maybe if she sees Moses, she will want to keep him for her own.
Narrator So they made a basket and put baby Moses inside it.
(Miriam and the mother get the basket, put the doll inside, and place it on the floor)
Narrator Soon, the Pharaoh's daughter came out to the pool with her maiden and the basket as if guided by an invisible hand, floated directly towards them.
(Pharaoh's daughter and the maiden appear on the other side of the room. A volunteer pulls the basket towards the maiden)
Maiden Oh, what is that! Oh My! A baby! Master, look here, what a beautiful little baby!
(The maiden takes the baby out of the basket and gives it to Pharaoh's daughter)
Daughter The gods have surely heard my cries. Now I will be a mother and this baby shall be my son.
Narrator Miriam saw how everybody was excited. God was working on His plan. Moses will not be killed. Instead he will grow up with wisdom in the Pharaoh's land. As if guided by God's own hand, Miriam went up to Pharaoh's daughter.
Miriam O kind daughter of Pharaoh, how blessed you are to have found a baby boy. Would you like me to find someone to take care of him for you until he is weaned?
Daughter He must be a Hebrew boy and you are a Hebrew girl. Please find someone from your people who can take care of him. When he is weaned, he shall be my son and I will name him Moses. But make sure no one finds out about this.
Narrator So Miriam took Moses to his own mother, who took care of him until he was weaned. Then she gave Moses back to Pharaoh's daughter. God protected Moses from Pharaoh's wrath.