Harm Removed

Always trust in the Lord. This Object Talk will show the kids how God keeps us safe from the grasp of the devil in miraculous ways.


Miracles, Protection, Trust, Worry


1/4 teaspoon salt
Pinch of pepper
Small cup saucer
Plastic spoon


Approximately 5 minutes

plastic spoon


You will pour a small mound of salt (about 1/4 of a teaspoon), representing God's people into the middle of the saucer. Then you will drop a very small amount of pepper over the mound of salt. The pepper represents the devil's many tricks and lies that he uses to deceive God's people. Next, you will rub a plastic spoon vigorously over a piece of clothing to create static electricity. Then, you will wave the spoon over the mound, and the pepper will attach itself to the spoon, thus being removed from God's people.


Today, I will show you how we can always trust in our Lord to protect us, even when circumstances seem hopeless. This saucer represents the world, in which we all live. I am going to take some salt and place it on the world. This salt represents God's people. Now, as we know, the world is full of evil. The devil is always trying to deceive God's people. Let me take some of this pepper, and put it on top of the salt. This pepper represents the tricks and lies used by the devil, and they are right on top of God's people.

How can we avoid these tricks and lies and remove them from God's people? (Allow for responses and explain how most suggestions would be hopeless or take forever.)

It is impossible for us, but God can do miraculous things. Let me show you. This spoon represents our loving God. (Take the spoon and rub it to create static electricity, and then lift off the pepper.)

You see, sometimes we may have no clue of how to escape the grasp of the devil, but God is always there for us. He will keep us safe in His arms no matter what the devil tries to do.