Bible based Sunday school games that are both fun and challenging to support your Bible lessons and help teach kids the Word of God. More information

Same Names

The children will match Biblical names that refer to the same person or object.

Seeing Stars

Children have fun collecting bright shining stars while learning how they too can shine for Jesus.

Serve The One True God

Children will have fun learning about different ways to serve God.

Share Your Heart

A scramble to trade hearts with the other kids so everyone has the right colors.

Shipwreck "Quickdraw"

Teams try to capture the most points by quickly drawing and guessing familiar words from the Bible story about Paul and the shipwreck, found in Acts 27.

Shuffle Cup Numbers

The children will find matches about the Babylonian exile.

Shuffle Cups

The children will order the events of Jesus’ life.​

Sound The Alarm

In this game, similar to "Red Light, Green Light," the children will have fun showing their crawling skills while learning about the Lord's Army.

Spiritual Tug Of War

A game that introduces the concept of spiritual warfare.

Stay Awake

A fast paced game that teaches children the importance of staying spiritually alert.

Stay Connected

A game of cooperation to show how staying connected can be a lot of fun, and how being connected to the Lord is essential for producing good fruit.

Sunday School Spelling Bee

A spelling bee is used to help students remember key words used in Sunday school lessons.

Swat Away Sin

The children will play a game that teaches them to recognize sin and “swat” it away!

Team Bible Dribble

Children swiftly dribble balls to solve Bible book names.

Thank You, Friend!

The children will help one another and practice showing thankfulness.

Thankfulness Pictionary

The children will guess the pictures to discover how to show thankfulness.

The Great Book Challenge

If you win this game, the prize is sweeter than candy.

The Missing Commandment

This memory challenge will test the children's skills by having them identify a missing commandment. When they finally do, it will be a real treat.

The Most High God

The children will create tall structures to learn about one of God's special names.

The Narrow Road

According to Jesus there is a narrow road that leads to life, but only few enter through its gate.

The Price Is Right

Children guess the price of several items and discover the real price for Heaven.

The Promised Helper Race

The children will race to separate true and false statements regarding the Promised Helper.

The Rainbow Game

A colorful review game reflective of the covenant God made with Noah.

The Redemption Game

A question and answer game with varying degrees of difficulty to demonstrate the value of redemption.

The Square-off

A tricky and competitive challenge to help the children review what they have learned.

Throw Away Your Sins

A different spin on an old children’s game with a Christian life application

Throw Out Your Excuses

How do we show our lazy side? In this game, excuses for being lazy can have consequences.

To The Cross

Kids use their throwing skills to earn chances to answer questions about Jesus and the cross.

Tower Of Babel

A challenging game that teaches children how to speak other languages.

Treasure Hunt

A fun game that can be used for many different lessons.

Trust Yourself, Others, Or God

The children will have fun walking through a maze and discover that life is better when we allow God to direct our steps.

Turning To God

The world may be full of distractions, but when we turn to God, He will help us along the way.