To the Cross

Kids use their throwing skills to earn chances to answer questions about Jesus and the cross. 


Cross, Crucifixion, Easter, Palm Sunday


2 beanbags, 5 sheets colored construction paper,
masking tape, 15 questions [PDF] Click here


Approximately 15 minutes

on the cross


Use five sheets of construction paper to form a cross shape at one end of the room. Tape the sheets to the floor. (See example above.) Then, use masking tape to create a line about ten feet from the cross shape. The children will stand behind this line and toss the beanbags onto the cross shape. There should also be enough room behind the line for the children to line up.


Form two teams. Have the members of each team get into a line behind the masking tape, facing the cross. There should be two lines, one for each team. Give a beanbag to the first person in line on each team. At the same time, have one member from each team toss his or her beanbag and try to get it to land anywhere on the cross.

The first person to succeed wins a question for his or her team. If the team answers the question correctly, that team receives two points. If the team does not answer the question correctly, the other team gets a chance to steal and earn one point by answering the question correctly. Continue by giving the beanbags to the next two children in line on each team.

If neither player gets his or her beanbag to land on the cross, retrieve the beanbags and give them to the next two players in line on each team to try. This continues until a player from one of the teams succeeds.

If both players tossing the beanbag get it onto the cross at the same time, both teams win a question, and get two points for answering their question correctly. Stealing still applies if either team should fail to answer their question correctly.

Play continues until you ask all 15 questions. The team with the most points wins, or in the event of a tie, both teams are victorious. 

Note: The intent of this game is to give the children a fun way to review the Easter lessons. It is not to undermine the power of the cross in any way. In fact, this game can symbolize how as believers, we must at some point come to the cross and answer the most important question of our lives. That question is, "Do you believe Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, and do you accept Him now as your personal Lord and Savior?" By answering, "Yes," one receives the power of the cross, which is forgiveness in Jesus.