Bible based Sunday school games that are both fun and challenging to support your Bible lessons and help teach kids the Word of God. More information

Walk Of Obedience

Children race to solve puzzles, answer questions, and obey the rules.

Want To Get Home

A fun board game for two teams. Players help a small child left behind at camp get home while discovering what it costs to get to our heavenly home.

What Am I Doing?

Children use actions and descriptions to get their teammates to guess what they are doing.

What's My Talent?

Like the old "What's my line" game. Children guess the talent of a special guest

Who Am I?

Children race against time and other teams to correctly decipher who I am.

Who Wants Beans?

The children will have fun as they learn about poverty, greed, and giving while playing a game.

Wisdom Seeker

Wisdom is more precious than rubies, and nothing you desire can compare with her (Proverbs 8:11).

Wise Or Not-So-Wise?

Children run to demonstrate their knowledge of wisdom as described in James 3:17.