Bible based Sunday school games that are both fun and challenging to support your Bible lessons and help teach kids the Word of God. More information

Carry The Treasure!

The children will work together to find and gather coins to offer to God.

Changes, Changes Not

A game that introduces children to God's unchanging attributes.

Character Chase

Fast paced action as children chase the names of Bible characters

Choose Your Treasure

What would you do with a hundred dollars? Kids discover the difference between earthly and heavenly treasures while having a little fun.

Christians Quest 1 - The Books

First game in a series designed to help kids memorize the books of the Bible.

Christians Quest 2 - The Apostles

The second game in the series, designed to challenge the children's knowledge of the twelve Apostles.

Classmate Christmas Bingo

A fun game to help the kids discover how their classmates celebrate the Christmas holidays.

Clothed By The Lord

The children will “clothe” themselves with qualities that show Christian maturity.

Colosseum Toss

The children will attempt throwing bean bags into the “colosseum” for points.​

Crucifixion Or Resurrection?

The children will identify statements related to Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Desert Venture

Like the Israelites wandered in the desert for 40 years, this review game will have the children going forwards and backwards until they reach their destination.

Do It For Jesus

Children's Sunday school games - Do it for Jesus

Doors To Blessings

Children complete a verse from the Beatitudes with what's behind one of three doors.