Christians Quest 2 - The Apostles

The second game in the series, designed to challenge the children's knowledge of the twelve Apostles. 


Apostles, Memory/Review


Bible and a plastic sword
(or a homemade cardboard sword)


Approximately 15 minutes

teens with bible


Again, you must be forewarned fellow workers in Christ: Before presenting this game to your want-to-be knights, be sure you know the names of all twelve apostles. For surely you will be challenged to show your worthiness to be a knight trainer.


Divide Have all the kids in your class stand in a large circle. Give the sword to any one child to start the game. Then call out a number between 10 and 20. The children pass the sword to the right from one child to the next and as they do, they count up to the number you just called out. The child holding the sword when reaching that number must say the name of one of the twelve apostles. Then call out another number, and let the game continue. Apostles' names can only be used once during each game, except James can be used twice. If the one with the sword fails to call out an apostle's name, that has not already been used, they must leave the circle and wait until the next game. Congratulate everyone left in the circle after naming all twelve Apostles, because they are one-step closer to becoming honorable knights in God's army. Play the game again if time permits.

Start with the following story:
Many days ago, a couple of youngsters started training to be knights. They often thought about how the people would cheer them on as they rode swift horses into the King's arena and wearing shinny armor. They had already been through some vigorous training. But, their quest was far from being over. There was much more they needed to learn. They must practice, practice and then practice some more. Would their efforts pay off? Could they at last become honorable knights, ready to carry out the will of their King? Only more games would tell if they had obtained the necessary skills.

Our quest to become a strong Christian doesn't end after learning just one thing about God. Instead, it is a life long process. As Christians, we must sharpen our skills every day through prayer and reading God's Word. Then we will know how to live for Jesus, and how to share Him with others. This is the will of our Heavenly King. So let the games continue!