Christians Quest 1 - The Books

First game in a series designed to help kids memorize the books of the Bible. 


Bible, Memory/Review


Bible and a plastic sword
(or a homemade cardboard sword)


Approximately 15 minutes

teens with bible


Be forewarned fellow workers in Christ: Before presenting this game to the youth, ensure that you have it mastered, for surely they will throw the challenge back to you. What a shame it would be if you could not meet it.


Divide the kids into two equal teams. Choose one team to go first. This team will name the first book of the Bible. If they are correct, they hand the sword to the other team. Inform them that if they strike others with the toy sword their team will automatically loose the game. The next team names the second book of the Bible. If they name the book correctly, they hand the sword back to the first team. This continues until the kids have named all the books of the Bible or until one of the teams cannot name the next book. If a team cannot name the next book, the opposing team must be able to name it in order to win. When the kids get really good at it, you can have them spell the books of the Bible as they take turns reciting them in order. Kids on the same team can help each other. At first, allow the kids to use their Bibles to help learn the books.
Start with the following story:
Once upon a time (about three days ago), there were a couple of youngsters who wanted to become knights. At least they thought so. They liked the idea of wearing shiny armor, riding the best horses and hanging out with the royal family. Little did they know that it would take long hours of practice to acquire the skills they would need to become honorable knights. The wise knight practices and then practices again, preparing for battle. Being very wise young people, they decided to add games to their training. These games would be a fun way to gauge the effectiveness of their training and test the level of skill that each of them had attained. In our quest to become stronger Christians, we too need to sharpen our skills by praying and reading God's Word, the Bible. So young Christians, are you ready to sharpen you skills? If so, let the games begin!