Sunday School Spelling Bee

A spelling bee is used to help students remember key words used in Sunday school lessons.


Just for Fun, Memory work


List of words from a current Sunday school lesson.
Whiteboard, dry erase marker


Approximately 15 minutes

  sunday school spelling bee


Before class, compile a list of words taken from the current Sunday school lesson. Begin the list with the easiest words to spell. As the list progresses the words should become more difficult.
Optional: Make copies of the list for each student in class.


Depending on the age and spelling abilities of your students decide if you will provide each student a list of the spelling words to review before the game begins. If word lists are handed out, collect them all before starting the spelling bee.

Randomly divide the students into two or more teams. In a round robin fashion, each team will take turns spelling a word the teacher selects from the list. Team members will have 30 seconds to agree on the correct spelling of the word and then one player from the team will spell the word. (Teammates should take turns spelling the different words.) One point is given for every word that the team spells correctly. If the word is spelled incorrectly the next team in rotation gets a chance to spell the word. If all teams misspell the word the teacher will provide the correct spelling. Play then moves on to the next word. The team with the most points wins.