Throw Away Your Sins

A different spin on an old children’s game with a Christian life application 
Idea by Jonathan Miller


Purity, Repentance, Sin, Temptation


Sheets of paper, one for each child
Masking tape


Approximately 10 minutes

throw away


Crumple the sheets of paper into balls according to the number of children in the room. Then divide the children in to two teams, and have them stand at opposite sides of the room. Mark the center of the floor with masking tape to separate each team. Then have each child pick up one paper ball.


In this game, the paper balls represent sin, and the kids will pretend to throw these sins away. However, as they throw them away, the kids on the other side of the room are throwing more back. Each team will throw the balls (sins) to the opposite side and keep throwing any that come back. After about 30 seconds of throwing, the team that has the least number of balls on their side will be the winner. Then switch the teams around and play again.


When we accept Jesus in our lives, he gives us the strength and help we need to get rid of all our sins. However, being a Christian does not mean we are completely free of sins. Sometimes there are temptations, such as envy, anger, disobedience, and other garbage of which we need to be aware. These come in different forms and ways, to turn our eyes away from Jesus. We know what these sins are and when they come our way, we need to throw them away.