Tower of Babel

A challenging game that teaches children how to speak other languages. 


Attitude, Behavior, Choices, Greed, Tower of Babel, Worldliness


Game Board [PDF] Click here
Game Cube [PDF] Click here
Game Markers [PDF] Click here
Building Blocks or Legos


Approximately 15 minutes

tower of babel


Prepare the Game Cube. Print out one game marker for each child. Ensure you have plenty of building blocks or Legos on hand. Print out a copy of the three game board pieces and tape them together. Depending on the size of your class you may need to print out more than one game board & game cube and divide the children up into groups to play the game. Before starting the game have the children print their name on their game marker.


Begin by asking who knows how to speak another language? Say "Today we're going to learn how to greet people in lots of different languages. We are also going to pretend we're building a tower, just like the people did in the Bible story located in Genesis 11:1-9 - The Tower of Babel. But we're going to be nice when we build our tower and greet each other using the languages we learn while playing the game.

The object of the game is to see who builds the biggest tower by the time a classmate reaches the finish line. You will take turns rolling the game cube and then moving that many spaces on the board. You must follow the directions on each space you land on. As you get blocks you can use them to build your own tower or work as a group.

After the game, ask the children to say their favorite new word for hello.