The Great Book Challenge

If you win this game, the prize is sweeter than candy. 


Bible, Memory/Review


A list of the books of the Bible
Candy bar
Certificate or ribbons


Approximately 5 minutes

girl reading bible


Challenge each member of the class to see if they can recite all of the books of the Bible in order. Whoever accomplishes this will receive a candy bar and a certificate as a reward.

Continue this challenge throughout the year, allowing any child to attempt completion of this challenge a few minutes at the end or beginning of each class. You can create your own certificate or award a ribbon for a job well done.

As an option, you can establish shorter goals within the challenge. For example, you can give special recognition for reciting all of the Old Testament books up to Song of Songs (Song of Solomon). Then, you can give recognition for reciting the rest of the Old Testament books, and finally for the New Testament books.


Today I offer up a challenge to every individual in this class. It is the "Great Book Challenge." This offer will be good throughout the entire year. You can try as many times as you like to complete this challenge, but you may complete it only once. To win the "Great Book Challenge" you must be able to recite, from memory, all the books of the Bible in order. If you win this challenge, I will give you a candy bar, and a certificate (or ribbon) to show that you were indeed up to the challenge. You will also win a prize that is far more valuable. You see, by studying God's word you are on your way to storing up knowledge and wisdom that will last for eternity.