The Missing Commandment

This memory challenge will test the children's skills by having them identify a missing commandment. When they finally do, it will be a real treat. 


Commandments, Moses


Sets of NIV Commandment strips [PDF] Click here
Sets of KJV Commandment strips [PDF] Click here
Envelopes, Colored construction paper,
Glue sticks, Treats (candy, fancy pencils etc.)


Approximately 15 minutes

Moses and the ten commandments


Before class, print out the Ten Commandments Sheet and make enough copies for each child in the class. Cut these copies into strips with one commandment on each strip and put the sets into separate envelops. Then remove one of the strips from each envelope and glue or fasten one end to a piece of candy or a treat. This is the Missing Commandment.


At the end of the day's lesson, show the children all the treats. Tell them the only way to get their treat is to complete a little challenge. Give each child an envelope with the nine remaining commandments, a piece of colored construction paper and a glue stick. Instruct them to glue the commandments down in order on the construction paper, but to make sure and leave a space for the missing commandments. After they have glued on the nine commandments, they can come to you and identify the missing commandment. If they can find this missing commandment among the treats, which they will, then the treat is theirs. They can take the treat, and glue the missing commandment onto their project. This challenge can be completed with or without referring to their Bibles, depending on their knowledge of the Ten Commandments.