LESSON 7: God Is Merciful

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This Sunday school lesson will help children understand that God is merciful and forgiving.
by Leah Pittsinger


Forgiveness, Knowing God, Love, Mercy

AS KIDS ARRIVE (10 minutes)

God's Sticky Mercy (Activity) Click here

WORSHIP TIME (5 minutes)

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BIBLE VERSE (12 minutes)

"You do not stay angry forever but delight to show mercy." Micah 7:18b NIV
Prepare ahead of time by writing “MERCY” on 10-20 index cards and hiding them throughout the classroom. Then read the verse out loud with the children and explain that God gives us second chances when we do bad things because He loves us. Allow the class to search for the “MERCY” cards. Once all the cards have been found, if time allows, talk about the letters in the word “MERCY” and ask the children to say them in order with you. Lastly, read the verse one last time to the class.

BIBLE STORY (15 minutes)

Micah was one of God’s messengers, or prophets, who warned the Hebrew people that God was going to punish them for their disobedience. However, God also said that all of His promises would come true, including the promise of a Savior, Jesus Christ. God’s great mercy gave the Hebrew people another chance to obey and serve Him.

Read Micah 7:18 (God gives great forgiveness and mercy)
Tell the class that you have an important message and read the verse out loud by cupping your hands around your mouth. Then ask the children to say, “God is happy to give us mercy” by cupping their hands around their mouths to practice sharing the message. Tell the children that we should also be happy to give others a second chance to do the right thing.

Discussion Questions:
1. Does God stay angry forever? (No.)
2. How does God feel when He gives mercy? (Happy or delightful.)
3. How should we feel to give mercy? (Happy or delightful.)

Read Ephesians 2:4-5 (Jesus is God’s greatest display of mercy)
Help the class understand that God gives us second chances, or mercy, because He loves us. Also, the most merciful thing He’s ever done is give us Jesus.

Discussion Questions:
1. Why does God give us mercy? (Because He loves us.)
2. Who is Jesus and why do we need Him? (He is our Savior who died to pay for our sins.)
3. How do we accept Jesus, God’s greatest gift of mercy? (By asking God for forgiveness, believing in Jesus as God’s son, and asking Him to save us from our sins.)
4. What message about Jesus should we share with others? (That He died for our sins and can save us.)

We know God is very merciful with us because He gives us second chances and sent His son, Jesus, to die for our sins. We can follow God’s example by giving others second chances. Don’t forget to tell others the message that God is merciful and Jesus died for our sins.

FUN TIME (15 minutes)

God is Rich in Mercy (Craft) Click here


The Unmerciful Servant (Activity) Click here

PRAYER/SNACK (10 minutes)

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Start by praying to God and thanking Him for the mercy He gives us every day. Then serve the children crackers and small cups of water or juice. During the snack, talk about biblical examples of God’s mercy, such as Jonah and the whale. Discuss God's mercy and how He wants everyone to know Him.


Remind the children that everyone can receive mercy and second chances from God.
Say, “Raise your hand if…”
1. God gives you second chances (mercy).
2. Your parents give you second chances (mercy).
3. You can give second chances (mercy) to others.

Encourage the children by admitting that mercy is hard because we sin and do bad things. However, God gives us mercy and second chances, so we can also be patient and give second chances to others to show God’s love.


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