LESSON 3: God Is Good

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This Sunday school lesson will identify God as being good because He always takes care of us even when bad things happen.
by Leah Pittsinger


Behavior, Knowing God, Love

AS KIDS ARRIVE (10 minutes)

Ask the children to join you by sitting on the floor in a circle. Read Psalm 107:1. Explain to the children that this Bible verse talks about thanking God for His goodness. Repeat the verse and say, “Thank you, God, for Your Word.” Repeat the verse again and ask the children to take turns thanking God for something specific. Lastly, ask the children to say the verse one more time with you.

WORSHIP TIME (5 minutes)

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BIBLE VERSE (12 minutes)

“You, Lord, are forgiving and good, abounding in love to all who call to You.” Psalm 86:5 NIV
This verse will teach children that God is good to those who obey Him. Repeat the verse several times. Ask children to share ways that God shows His love to them.

BIBLE STORY (15 minutes)

Gather the children around you in preparation for story time. If possible, use a Children's Bible so it will be easier for the kids to understand.

Joseph had many brothers, but they became jealous of his relationship with their father and sold him as a slave. Joseph was later rescued by God and given a great job as a leader in Egypt! His brothers were worried that Joseph would be mean to them since they mistreated him as a youth.

Read Genesis 50:15-21

Discussion Questions:
1. Why are Joseph’s brothers scared that he will be mean? (Because they had been mean and sold him into slavery.)
2. Who asks Joseph to forgive his brothers? (His father, Jacob.)
3. Do you think it was good or bad that Joseph helped his brothers? (Good.)
4. How does God show His goodness in this story? (He shows that He protects and provides for us even when bad things happen.)
5. How should we treat others when they treat us badly? (We should forgive them as God forgives us.)

Because God is good to us when bad things happen, we should be good to others even when they hurt our feelings. When we’re kind to others we demonstrate characteristics of godly behavior. Demonstrating godly behavior shows others that we are a reflection of God and His love for all of His creations—even mean people.

FUN TIME (10 minutes)

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PRAYER/SNACK (10 minutes)

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Start by praying to God and thanking Him for His goodness and for sending Jesus to pay for our sins.  Then serve the children a choice of fruit, crackers, or carrot sticks with small cups of water. Tell the children to choose what they think is “good” to remember that God is good.

CLOSING ACTIVITY (5-10 minutes)

As children wait for their parents to arrive, talk about God’s goodness in sending Jesus to die for our sins. Hold up a picture of Jesus on the cross and explain that the bad things we do (our sins) were paid for by Jesus’ death. Then hold up a picture of the empty tomb and explain that God was good by resurrecting Jesus because now He’s alive! Remind the children that they will go to Heaven when they die if they trust in Jesus as their Savior.


Come back next week to learn that God is jealous!


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