Coloring Pages

Sunday school coloring pages are great for opening activities or for a little something extra to enjoy. Each Bible-based coloring page has a special message. More information

Only Jesus

The children will color shapes to discover a special picture.

Palm Leaf

Bible coloring page that helps children create their own palm leafs to celebrate Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

Bible coloring page illustrating children rejoicing as Jesus rides by on His donkey.

Parable Of The Lost Coin

A woman lost one of her ten coins, and must search for it until it is found. (Luke 15:8)

Parable Of The Sower

A happy farmer gets good results from all his hard work! (Matthew 13:3-23)

Paul Escapes In A Basket

Paul's friends help him escape harm by lowering him from the city wall in a basket. (Acts 9:25)

Paul Hears An Angel

Paul hears an angel tell him how to survive a shipwreck. (Acts 27:23-24)

Paul Waves Goodbye

Paul waves goodbye before sailing to Rome to stand trial before Caesar. (Acts 27)

Praying Hands

(Connect-the-dots) Children use their counting skills to discover praying hands they can then color.